SEN Virtual Kurling

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Event description

Teams of 6

Equipment: Kurling stone (bean bags or toy car can also work), cones, chair or table. (Shuffleboard mat would also provide a scoring zone instead of a table/chair) Set-up: 3 distances marked out with cones, 3m = Red, 4m= Yellow,5m = Green Aim: To enable the ‘stone’ to stop underneath the tower (Table/Chair). Starting at the nearest cone, competitors push the stone (Using your hand, foot or a pusher). Each competitor has three attempts then joins the back of the queue. If successful, move back to the Yellow cone and then the Green. Competitors repeat the challenge as a relay until the final whistle. Scoring: Red Cone = 5pts. Yellow Cone = 7pts. Green Cone = 10pts. Leaders- record all scores for team/bubble total. Adaptations: Ramps can be used to propel stones (Long card or a bench) Bells or plastic bags can be draped on the legs of the chair or table to create an audio cue when the Kurling stone passes through it. 

Scores for all 6 added together - results to be emailed to SGO.

You can have multiple teams.