Secondary Virtual Cross Country

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Event description

Virtual Cross Country Level 2

Set up a course of the following lengths for each age group:

Year Group Distance

YR 7 GIRLS 2,500m

YR 7 BOYS 3,000m

YR 8 GIRLS 2,500m

YR 8 BOYS 3,000m

YR 9 GIRLS 3,000m

YR 9 BOYS 4,500m

YR 10 GIRLS 3,000m

YR 10 BOYS 4,500m

YR 11 GIRLS 3,000m

YR 11 BOYS 4,500m

Note: We understand that not every school will have the same course in terms of flatness, please try and use as much level ground as you can. You may need to set up a smaller looped course.  Please use an app to measure course lap distance such as strava,map my run e.t.c. - e.g if you set up a 500m lap please verify the 500m distance, (as you can then get each year group to run multiple laps of the 500m course) i dont expect you to run all of the distances.  The distance verification MUST be emailed to myself to validate the results.

Record the time of your fastest 4 boys/girls for each age group, this will be your 'A' team.

You can enter upto 3 Boys teams and 3 Girls teams per age.

Enter the time in Mins and Secs the formula will convert it all into seconds. This will give you a team score

If you do not have enough runners to complete a 4 person team please still enter your best individuals as their time may gain them an individual runner medal.

Send your results spreadsheet back to your me.


You have until Friday 26th March to send me your results.