New School Games Formats

Next academic year there will be a slight rebranding of the School Games Format, I will go through this more in the meeting scheduled for September but just wanted to briefly explain them as you will see events labelled different when you book onto them.

Events will be categorised into 1 of 4 pillars: Compete, Develop, Participate, For all.  Each event on the website will state which of the 4 categories it comes under.

Compete: These are your usual competitive events, most of which will go through to an Essex Final, medals will be awarded to the top 3 teams and medal table points from finising 1st-4th position.  You are only permitted to enter 1 team in these events.

Develop: These events are targeted at a specific groups of young people such as SEN, girls, semi sporty, disengaged.

Participate: These festivals are focused on the School Games Values and aimed at developing lifeskills and character.

For all: These are motivational whole school initatives such as virtual events, National School Sports Week events, sport relief, national fitness day and personal challenges e.t.c. 

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