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KS1 Mini Borough Olympics

Information regarding the Thurrock Primary Schools KS1 Mini Borough Olympics

All questions/comments regarding this event, please contact the Partnership office on 01375 486000 ext 428 or email



Year 1 50m Sprint: 2 boys and 2 girls per relevant year group

Year 2 50m Sprint: 2 boys and 2 girls per relevant year group


Year 1 50m Hurdles: 2 boys and 2 girls per relevant year group

Year 2 50m Hurdles: 2 boys and 2 girls per relevant year group


Long Distance (400m – race will start on the curve): 1 athlete per event

Year 1 Girls

Year 1 Boys

Year 2 Girls

Year 2 Boys



(1 boy and 1 girl per year group per field event)

    1. Standing Long Jump (into sand pit, with no run up)
    2. Turbo Javelin (300g, plastic turbo javelins not the foam ones)
    3. Vortex Howler (with run up)


  1. RELAY:

4 x 50m Relay for Year 2 girls and Year 2 boys (2 separate races) – this will be run up and down the 100m finish straight


Medals & Shields Awarded:



Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each event.  Field events will be given their medals at their event, track events will be given their medals as they finish the race.  There are no individual presentations.


There will be no presentation at the end of the session, overall Winner will be calculated by amalgamating the results of the 2 sessions.


Children may only take part in one event

Guide to the Event 2024


  1. Each session lasts 2 hours, starting promptly.  If schools have any problems on the day with transport, please contact the event team immediately on 07792187157.  Please make sure you arrive within plenty of time, we advise 30 minutes prior to event start.
  2. Supervision: Each school should provide enough adults to supervise the children – allowing for toilet escorts as the toilets are behind the main stand. 
  3. Parents are NOT permitted to attend. Any parent helps/school staff must be wearing ID badges please.
  4. Refreshments: There will be refreshments available to purchase in the club house but schools are advised to arrange their own food and drinks for their children.  Parents are NOT permitted in the stand, this is for children only.
  5. Numbers: You will be provided with numbers for each child but you will need to provide your own safety pins to secure these to each child’s t-shirt.  Please ensure that all your team is in the same colour kit. Athletes need to wear numbers on their front only. 
  6. First Aid: First Aid is provided.
  7. Information will regularly be announced over the PA system – please make sure you are listening for any announcements – especially when it comes to calling athletes for finals races.  It would be helpful if staff with the teams could keep a note of any finalists so they know who is required when we get to the finals races
  8. Warm Ups: Please ensure all children are ready to take part in their activities and lead your own warm ups.
  9. Parking.  There is limited parking on site at the Blackshots Leisure Centre with some parking available at Thurrock Rugby Football Club.  Please encourage the use of public transport, car sharing and walking.  The Partnership is not liable for any motorist that fails to abide by the Highway Code.
  10. After the event, schools are asked to leave the track area straight away ensuring their area is clear of any litter and wait for their coaches in the waiting area by Blackshots Leisure Centre.  This is particularly important for the morning groups as we need a breathing space, free of children, to set up again for the afternoon.  We also need to protect the equipment set out by removing children as soon as possible from the vicinity. 


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on